Welcome to Smart Shading by design,
we create Shading concepts that are tailored to you.

As design consultants, we initially arrange a consultancy meeting to apply our expertise, experience, and knowledge to creating the correct shading package for you and your home. Highlighting the key areas to focus upon, how to wire to these areas or whether a battery operated device may be more appropriate, what equipment will suit your budget and needs and finally we help with the fabric design choices from our vast range.


We work with you
to give you the right knowledge at the right time.

Whatever your project, large or small, knowledge is power and paying for that high quality experience and advice at the start is the key to your shading success as it's first of all important to know what equipment you require, then where it is exactly required and finally how to get the cables there with minimum disruption or whether cables are needed at all. For you may know you want an automated shading system but are not quite sure how that translates to your property and need the imagination and guidance to optimise your experience on every level for we also offer design advice on the correct fabrics and finishes.

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If you are away from your property your blinds can be programmed in conjunction with your lights to make you look like you are not and reduce the risk of break in's.
Automated blinds can help prevent art work on your walls fading from exposure to damaging sun light, by programming them to lower when the sun is at certain angles and then raise again once it has passed.
Automated blinds are great for those hard to reach windows in hallways or velux's where otherwise a ladder or pole would be required to open and close them.
Automated blinds are great for gradually waking you up to natural light rather than an abrupt alarm, as they can be programmed to gradually raise over a prescribed period in the morning, giving you the perfect natural way to awake.
Automated blinds look cool!


Outdoor shading that liberates space externally to maximise a cafe or restaurants footprint, commercial yield and experience is a real growth industry at present. Protecting clients from the Sun, rain and cold, with the right design and investment they can keep delivering for your business all year round as the outside becomes inside!




More and more people are expecting more from their outdoor space and shading cover that protects you in the garden from all the elements is the next evolution of technology entering your garden. Whether that be an automated: awning, pergoda or glass 'winter garden', all allowing you to enjoy your garden for more months of the year as well as riding out those summer days where the weather just decides to turn on you and your plans. With the feel of such spaces that lend to inside and out making your whole property feel bigger and more exciting.

1Are automated blinds worth the expense?
It is no doubt they are a luxury product and hence require one to question how much value they place upon them. Whether it is the fact: that they simply love how cool they look and feel as a technology product; that they, in the same way as lights now do, make you look as though you are home when you are not; that they can or programmed to steadily awake you naturally to daylight over any allotted period of time required; that they can protect pieces of artwork from the sunlight by being programmed to do so; that they can go in windows that are impossible to reach without a ladder or a stick; that they don't leave strings dangling in windows and doors; to highlight the main purchasing decisions. Read more
2Can they be retrofit into finished rooms?
Yes they can now, with battery operated blinds they can pretty much go anywhere. However here paying for quality makes a significant difference with: the number of raise and lowers to battery life, the noise of the motor during the process, the speed of proceedings, the weight of the fabric that can be used, the max width the blind can span on larger windows, and the ability to programme exactly the same speed with other blinds in the same view.
3How long do the batteries last on retrofit products?
On good quality products it is literally years and thousands of raise at lowers. Obviously it is always dependent upon usage and fabric weight, but with better quality comes less maintenance and subsequently less stress.
4Do I have the choice of fabrics and designs?
With the ranges we use and install their is a vast range of fabrics, styles and designs. As well as the ability to adapt some existing blinds to motors where possible.