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As design consultants, we initially arrange a consultancy meeting to apply our expertise, experience, and knowledge to creating the correct Security package for you and your home. Highlighting the present key areas of vulnerability with your property, where to focus the budget, how to create an integrated security package and a variety of response plans dependent upon intrusion in question.


We work with you
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Whatever your project, large or small, knowledge is power and paying for that high quality experience and advice at the start is the key to your Security success as it's first of all important to know what is now available to reduce your vulnerability and increase your awareness, then where it is exactly required and finally how to install what is required with minimum disruption. For you may know you want to feel as secure as possible but are not sure how that translates to your property and budget.

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Remote access to view your property from anywhere has been one of the biggest leaps in this market and as most households have both partners working these days and homes are left empty in the day. With the main issue here being good quality secure networks so other people are viewing you remotely as well.
The improvement in camera quality has meant that faces at night are no longer heavily pixilated and unrecognisable. Indeed mass market systems have now got so much capability that they can be programmed through fascial recognition software to text you if a face that isn't regular viewed appears at your house, even at night. Training itself to know regular faces such as your family and friends.
Screens can be mounted on your gates and front door as part of entry systems so you always know who is their when they call no matter where you are in the house or even if you are not home.
Alarms can be programmed to immediately inform you or a third party of any movement in or outside your property and can through tannoy informed people they have been detected and are being watched and recorded.
As well as technological security we can install as part of more complete security packages physical deterrents to your home as part of an overall designed security package with introducing extra locks and more secure doors where required.

Security Systems


We look to design and install more and more the full package in multi occupancy developments, whether that be flats or offices. Wiring to keep you secure from every eventuality whether that be other people or such things as fires. For in these case a fully integrated system needs to keep you secure and warn you in a variety of different ways.




CCTV has obviously become a massive growth market for us as again it is a technology industry where the quality is vastly improving as the price drops and becomes more accessible. However what is surprisingly growing at just as fast a rate as such technology is the more traditional physical barriers of automated gates, strong doors and increased locking strategies for properties.

1Is it easy to watch my cameras from anywhere remotely?
Over the past couple of years this has started to become an industry standard for good quality systems, with only low end budget products not offering this now and even some of them offer some for of this remote viewing as well. Read more
2How long before your CCTV hard drive's record over themselves?
It depends on how many terabytes you purchase but on average for a solid system you should be looking at around 4 months of recording time.
3Can you integrate the alarm and the locks into a smart home?

Yes you can at the higher end where there is a control system sitting over your whole smart home. This will enable you to control your alarm from it and deal with it remotely, allow the lights to be programmed to come on automatically if the alarm or CCTV are programmed to trigger them. The system can then alert you remotely wherever you may be that there is a problem at the property.

As for the locks there are digital locks linked to these control systems, but we advise against them in favour of the traditional key. As this is where present technology stops for us for it is one thing if someone managed to hack your lights or your audio, it is another if it is the front door to your house! With the furthest we are willing to go being remote access to the drive gates to let a guest in. This product is the best example of our relationship with technology at present and where trust for us doesn't stretch.

4Is an automated gate and door entey system worth investing in?
It depends on the size of your front garden and subsequent distance from drive entrance to front door, ease of access to the rear of your property, whether you have expensive cars on the drive that would benefit with another barrier of security, and ultimately whether you see yourself as a target that another layer of security would help with. Often in built up inner city locations they are somewhat pointless and become somewhat of a nuisance rather than a help.