Welcome to smart cinemas by design,
we create cinemas that are tailored to a variety of spaces and budgets.

As design consultants, we initially arrange a consultancy meeting to apply our expertise, experience, and knowledge to your proposed cinema space, where we may be inserting the correct equipment into a finished space planning for minimum disruption or considering the whole allotted space a fresh down to the wallpaper and soft furnishings.


We work with you
to give you the right knowledge at the right time.

Whatever your project, large or small, knowledge is power and paying for that high quality experience and advice at the start is the key to your Cinema's success for it has to deliver on a number of intertwined levels. For you may know you want a Cinema but are not quite sure how that translates to your property and need the imagination and guidance to optimise your experience on every level.

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A dedicated home cinema can be the perfect addition to a property that has the luxury of a basement or converted cellar as it is perfect for these inherently dark spaces.
A dedicated cinema obviously comes with all the usual additions of any viewing area in your house so are also great gaming areas for kids and their friends, and can often give you that peace and quiet you were looking for.
A dedicated home cinema will create a better audio and visual experience than your local multiplex as you are setting everything Audio and visually to cater for only a select few rather than a mass of people.
Integrated cinemas in day to day living areas can allow more furniture in the space as the room doesn't have to be set to a wall necessarily, like with a TV. Indeed an automated screen may drop down from a window area or alike.
Integrated cinemas allow you to get the maximum use out of your luxury purchase and nearly always take precedent as your main viewing area if competing against a normal set up in another area.
Integrated cinemas in open plan living also have the added benefit of acting a bit like a media wall when you are in other sections of your house such as your kitchen. For they are usually large enough screens that you can watch them easily from anywhere
The industry as a whole is one of those technology industries where quality is constantly creeping further and further down the price range allowing it more and more to be accessible to the mass market as still a luxury purchase but one you can just about now start to consider as a treat or present to yourself, your family or a loved one.


The commercial applications we have for smart cinemas is limited to high end luxury establishments whether that be a luxury football booth at a high end bar or a penthouse sweet in a luxury hotel. However we have found a greater application in the workplace with presentation projectors that are interactive and digital display screens for backdrops and advertising. Allowing business to communicate both amongst themselves and to the outside world much better.




Our biggest growth area is outdoor cinemas in the garden, with the most popular being dual screen installations where the kit for your internal integrated home cinema is utilised for the outside with the only additions in procurement being a translucent screen for back projecting, some outdoor waterproof speakers and some artificial shade if required. All this allows very little that is expensive to exist outside as the screen and cinema gear remains firmly inside and only the speakers and the cabling exist outside.

We do also do screens outside where required and appropriate but will always try to wire the gear back to an internal location wherever possible.


Our level of integration in the services delivered extends all the way to the interior design of the whole room through a section of the business dedicated to it in it's own right in Bespoke Living by design. So when you designate any area of your property to be indulged with a cinema, whether that be your basement, lounge, bedroom or garden we can deliver everything that space needs, from all the smart homes integration, through to the layout and soft furnishings, from conception to completion and all under one co-ordinated roof.

1Can I create a good quality cinema on a budget?
Yes you can! As is the case with many technology driven industries the price has come down allowing quality into the mainstream. Indeed we recently fully installed in the rear lounge of a normal family home a 5.1 projection cinema with 100" screen for £4,2000. However this isn't all you got for your spend, for this included an additional 100" translucent screen and two outdoor waterproof stereo speakers that created an outdoor cinema on the garden threshold using the equipment you had already purchased inside! Read more
2Can I reduce the number of remote controls required to operate my cinema?
Of course you can, simply by introducing to your smart home a whole house control system, such as control 4, that can be programmed to control a multitude of devices at the touch of one button. Pulling together your projector, automated screen, sky box, amp and audio system by simply pressing cinema on on your phone. For the hard work is done for you so you don't have to.
3Is it easy to retrofit a cinema into an existing finished space?
It is if you have the know how and you have some luck on your side! The projector that is usually located on the ceiling will require cabling to from the gear that is more than likely located in a unit within the room, the screen of automated will require power cabling to it and the speakers whether they are floor, wall or ceiling mount will require cabling also. This will be made much easier by the ability to gain access from above by lifting floors and getting underneath the floor below. Next it will be trying to assess wether their is an obvious riser to route cable between floor and ceiling without chiselling out walls. However if there is no alternative it is about picking your spots to minimise damage.
4How do I get one of your outdoor cinemas designed into my property?
The easiest way to achieve this is on your patio threshold as all the gear can mount inside and act as an indoor cinema, then with a press of a button the image can flip be back projected through an additional translucent screen with the help of two in-line wall mounted stereo speakers, with additional speakers available as an added extra. However we have found the majority of people are more than satisfied outside with the stereo speakers.