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As design consultants, we initially arrange a consultancy meeting to apply our expertise, experience, and knowledge to creating the correct audio package for you and your home. Highlighting the key areas to focus upon, how to wire to these areas and what equipment will suit your budget and needs.


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Whatever your project, large or small, knowledge is power and paying for that high quality experience and advice at the start is the key to your Audio success as it's first of all important to know what equipment you require, then where it is exactly required and finally how to get the cables there with minimum disruption. For you may know you want a Multi-room audio system but are not quite sure how that translates to your property and need the imagination and guidance to optimise your experience on every level.

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Multi room audio



Sonos have been reinventing home audio for the digital age with its inventive approach offering the usability, that was once enjoyed only by the super premium end of the market, to the masses with their straight-forward, affordable philosophy making it easy for anyone to listen to the music they love in every room of their home.

Available in over 60 countries, SONOS is a dynamic, exciting brand that is tearing up the home audio market with its quality, usability and most importantly, affordability.


We have started to find greater applications for our audio systems in gyms and sporting venues where instructors can turn up with their playlists on their phones and simply hook up to the system and stream them directly. Getting rid of the need for more clumsy old fashioned systems and the reliance upon discs.




We are seeing a large number of our domestic installations starting to become outdoor as people start to more and more request good quality music in their garden and this has been a real growth market for ourselves and with years of working outdoors with garden lighting by design this has been a simple and easy natural extension into audio.

With technology playing a great part in the improvement in outdoor waterproof speakers that are both good quality, but that are also becoming more and more affordable.

1Is sound quality worth spending the extra money on?
Only you can answer this, but the help we can give is: if you can notice the difference, have a passion for good quality sounds and as a result value the premium you will pay for such things as high fidelity sound, then yes it is worth spending extra on sound quality. However if you are more concerned with functionality and a greater spread of audio across your home then mainstream music distribution systems will more than suffice offering you a cost saving and pretty much the same usability. Read more
2What areas of the house should I prioritise as audio zones?
The key areas we recommend are the: Kitchen, Master Bathroom, Garden, Lounge in that order of priority, with other bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas coming further down the pecking order as they are simply used less and somewhat of a luxury purchase.
3What speakers do you recommend for where?
For multi room audio if there is an opportunity to wire for ceiling speakers in areas where worktop space is precious, like the Kitchen, Bathrooms and Bedrooms, then this would be preferable. Also in a boys toys world they just look and feel a cooler cleaner way to deliver music whether relaxing or entertaining. Just make sure you account for acoustic hoods where it is not concrete floors, so you are not playing music to the room above also! Other areas dependent upon budget could simply be treated to plug in built in amp table top speakers that can be assigned a room for control but easily moved. Finally the garden would require wall mount or floor mount waterproof stereo speakers dependent upon the area concerned.
4Are these systems easy to retrofit?
They can be extremely easy if you go for all plug in wifi applications, but become more difficult the more ceiling speakers and high quality sound you require, that creates more cabling and subsequently more disruption if retrofitting. Again here experience is worth it's weight in gold to minimise disruption with intelligent cable routes.