Smart Homes Design Consultancy

Smart Homes By Design is a design driven company. We don’t just put in wires and plug in appliances. We design and install audio/visual and lighting systems that work for your home and work for you and design them to look good and work well.

Our team has 14 years of experience designing, specifying, installing and maintaining smart homes integrated systems.

We use only high quality components working with the top systems suppliers. In a fast changing market we keep ourselves up to date so we can offer the best solutions for your installation.

By Design

Smart Homes By Design recognises that, when making a home “smart”, every home is different and budgets differ widely. We offer a range of products which we customise to every project and every budget.

We build into the design an element which can enable the systems we install to develop as technology develops or be added to as homes change Smart Homes By Design can design and install smart solutions for anything from straightforward entrance gates to interactive virtual golf booths in a basement and anything in between, all with the potential to be centralised, accessible and controlled from any form of tablet device.

We offer solutions which maximise the reduction of energy use and design systems which are easy to use and understand.